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Explore geological resources to understand and appreciate the complexity of our planet’s formation, from tectonic plates and minerals to fossils and soil types.

Extreme Geological Events

Online Geology Course with Futurelearn

Explore how extreme geological events have shaped Earth and what challenges future events might pose to our planet. Retrace how Earth formed 4.5 billion years ago and has evolved to become the planet we know today.

British Geological Survey (BGS)

Discover Geology.

nformation and resources for schools and colleges, lifelong learners or anyone with an interest in geology for education or leisure.

Geological Survey Northern Ireland

Discover Geology

A collection of short video presentations offer insightful glimpses into the important work being done by the Geological Survey in Northern Ireland.

Geological Survey Ireland

Discover Geology

Enter the annual Du Noyer Photo Competition run by Geological Survey Ireland (GSI) in conjunction with the Irish Geological Association (IGA).

Geohub Liverpool

Resources Archive

There are countless incredibly useful and informative links available relating to the fascinating field of geology, including an immense variety of high-quality images that are freely accessible.

London Geological Society Past Meetings

Resources Archive

Archive of past lectures.

On the following link you can view details of past Lecture series. Video presentations of the talks are available.

Micro My Earth

Online resource portal

Your portal for geological resources, software, webinars and more to teach, learn and share geology in the classroom, at work and at home!  

Click here for Virtual Field Trips

London Geological Society Events

Online virtual Events

The Geological Society London hosts a variety of exciting virtual events about geology that you won’t want to miss out on!

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