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(A newsletter produced by Ian S Johnston from 1979 to 1981)

Note. The fact that a meeting is on a card doesn’t mean that it actually took place. 

From Winter 2016 programme notifications used email and the website rather than cards.

This work programme was undertaken by the Northern Ireland Environment Service, beginning in the early 1990’s. Its purpose was to collate information to a standard format on the most important geological sites in Northern Ireland. This was then be used to identify and progress statutory designation of selected sites as Areas of Special Scientific Interest (ASSI).

There are currently reports on 690 sites including introductory reports on our main geological periods and geomorphological subjects. Earth Science Conservation Review collated a vast range of data on these sites through reports produced by a range of specialists.

In addition to the site reports, it covers an overview of the geology of Northern Ireland and the rationale behind geoconservation. Sections also explain how to use the database and links to additional sources of information.

The database is hosted by the National Museums Northern Ireland Habitas section.

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