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Waterloo, Larne – Our Jurassic Coast

Walk along the foreshore with an introduction to the rocks and pebbles on the beach.

This will link to the Triassic and Jurassic rocks and fossils that can be found in the area and covers 150 million years of time and is open to all age groups.

We will start with a walk along the coastal section and find some of the common fossils in the area and also see the impact of ancient earthquakes and tsunamis in the area and learn why this area is a very important site for Geology.  We will spend the morning in this section and the café in the Leisure Centre is a very good location for finishing off with a cup of coffee.  There will be an optional walk in the afternoon along the Whitehead to Blackhead coastal path.

Key fossils that you will find will be ammonites, Bivalves and Belemnites 

You will see ancient ripple marks and mudcracks that formed when deserts covered Northern Ireland

 Saturday 17th August 

Start time 10.00am and meet at the Carpark North of Carnlough: Largy Road Car Park. 54.994256, -5.989502

This trip will focus on mainly Glenarm and Carnlough with a talk from Mary Watson from the Carnlough Community Hub.  This will be easily accessible to all members and will be in the village of Carnlough.  We will be stopping at Garron Point and a few other locations between Carnlough and Glenarm.